August brought a lot of working behind the scenes to support grassroots 2A activists. Our first Supply Drop went to to support their efforts to get their live streaming service up and running.   We contributed $100 to his Indiegogo campaign to help improve


Our second Supply Drop for August 2019 was our continued support of and  We are hosting and helping Tony Simon with his websites and helped secure the domain as it was in limbo with another owner.  We negotiated purchasing the domain and are now hosting Tony's website.  We will be providing training to Tony so that eventually he can manage the website but until then we are happy to manage the content for him as he requests.  

Come join us and help determine where next month's Supply Drops will go!

I spent all day Saturday compiling what I hope is useful data that will help drive home the fact that "mass shootings" do not justify creating laws to takeaway guns from lawful gun owners.  When you see this data it gives you perspective that maybe you haven't had before.  Feel free to make a video or be inspired to do your own research so you are armed with information not just a Glock.

Download the XL Spreadsheet here. 

This month we have a special request for helping an American solder who has family in Venezuela.  Due to problems with the government of Venezuela his sister's power gets disrupted to the point that what little refrigerated food that they have becomes spoiled. This fundraiser will secure a 6230-watt generator to power their home when the power is shut off without warning. What adds to the stress, his sister has two children, one with physical challenges. Please visit the gofundme here if you want to help with this special request.


I am really happy about July's Supply Drop!  I have been getting to know Tony Simon better over the past few months and he is a heck of a guy!  His 2A4E Diversity Shoot is the type of project I really want to support.  Tony is actively getting new people into 2A activism with his Minuteman Challenge competitions and 2A4E grassroots movement.  We donated $100 to help him with whatever he needs to keep doing the good work.  

I am also happy to announce we are providing hosting for  We will provide this service to Tony's organization as long as he needs it.  We are proud to be able to help out with the website until Tony becomes a big timer and doesn't need us any longer ).  At the rate he is going, that will not be long.  It is literally just a day old and Tony will be learning the content management system and placing new content soon.  We hope you will check it out and use the social network links and also links to his 10/22 clothing website.  



Some weeks ago, out of the blue, I received a request for help from Chief Don (my name for him becaue of my ignorance of military ranks :) He needed some quick help with drawings and material take-off for some structures that were to be located in places I was not qualified to know :)  My gut told me to take on the task without even asking any questions accept for "what do you need?"

Since then I have helped with a few projects and one day Don told me I was going to recive a package in the mail.  I got really excited and today the package arrived at my door.  It was the most awesome plaque made by the most awesome lady!  To me, this is like getting paid in gold!  

I continue to help out and challenge all of you to find ways to support our military with your own talents.  It is a lot of fun and very satisfying knowing that in some small way you contributed to the good fight!  Thanks Chief and tell all the guys and gals in your unit I said "hooah"  Did I say it right? :)